Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pinstriped Collared Dress + Polka Dot Headband

So I'm officially unemployed.

Okay, that's misleading. It's only temporary and not exactly true. I start my new job next week, but my last day at my current job was Tuesday and I'm taking a few days off in between. Actually, with Memorial Day on Monday, I technically have a six day weekend. I'm staying at my parents' house for a couple of days this week just to relax and get away from everything for a bit before I get into full work mode again. Since my parents live in a lake house, it's basically a vacation. A vacation where I should be doing productive things, but a vacation nonetheless. I already miss my co-workers like crazy, so a distraction is much-needed.

This dress is one of my all-time favorites, but it's a reminder that Ruche no longer exists. It's one of those pieces that always makes me feel good in it, and I suppose that's enough to mend the pain of losing my favorite store. I'm also still enjoying my new found love of headbands, even if I can't get them to stay on. Is there a special trick to this that I'm missing? I'm still a newbie to the headband life.

Monday, May 23, 2016

J. Crew Denim Shirt + Patterned Skirt

You have any items that you hate how they look on, but you insist on wearing anyway? That's this skirt for me. I hate how I look in it every time I wear it, but I get convinced that it'll be better each time I pull it out after a month or two. I'm so used to A-line skirts, and try to tell myself that it's good to have at least one item that's at least a little bit of a different cut. Not to mention that it's adorable and a great find from a J. Crew Factory sale a couple of years ago. I think this weekend was my breaking point, though. I still love it, but I just felt bad about myself all day, which is the exact opposite of how my clothes should make me feel. I guess we'll just add this one to "try to sell, but probably have bad luck and watch it sit in the corner of my room for a year" pile.

While I'm still in denial that the weekend is over, this week is going to be different than most. I have my last day at my job on Tuesday, and I'm taking the rest of the week off before I start my new position next week. I'm going to stay at my parents for a few days to just relax and have zero worries by the lake before I inevitably get stressed again. I can hardly believe that I'm done with my current job, and it's starting to hit me how sad I am to leave my co-workers. Ah, well onward and upward as they say. As someone says. I think.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mustard Scalloped Top + Teal Skirt

No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get the wrinkles out of this shirt. I've ironed it plenty of times, but I think it has it out for me. I've considered giving it away because of the issue, but every time I go to take it off the hanger and throw it my pile of clothes that need new homes, I can't bring myself to do it. Those scallops! That mustard color! I can handle a few wrinkles, right? And so, every few months, I put it on and face the consequences. Eternally wrinkled I shall be. ...but I mean, it's still cute, right? Right.

My life right now is just counting down the days until I get to leave customer service forever. I can't wait until I don't have to be yelled at by rude people for mistakes I didn't make. It's brutal, to say the least. On the bright side, I will forever be overly kind to anyone working in customer service for the rest of my life. So there's that.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Patterned Collared Dress + Tan Thrifted Skirt

In just seven business days, I'll have worked my last day at my current job and will be done with customer service forever. I almost can't believe that I get to say that. It's true, I'm moving on to bigger and better things, and even though I'm incredibly be sad to be leaving the people I've worked with for the past year, and I can hardly wait for the opportunity that is coming next. In the meantime, I'm still getting up at 4 am to work a 6 am shift and doing my usual routine. I also got to see two different friends from college who were in town last week, visit with family, and eat Costco samples with Jon. It's honestly the best thing to do when you're broke and bored. 

I'm pretty happy that I finally decided to wear this collared dress as a top because it's one of my favorite pieces, and I love the idea of doubling its wear. I paired with these darling donut collar clips from Femme De Bloom. They might be the most adorable thing I've ever owned, and I'm even exaggerating. I'm always happy (as you all know) to support local shops and brands, and seeing Melanie's items when I scroll through Instagram is always a delight. I think putting on these collar clips means a guaranteed a good mood.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Modcloth Collared Dress + Gingham Skirt

I'm going to be honest with you; I'm really, really excited about this skirt. When I hear that Ruche was closing, I was devastated. I was less devastated when I realized that meant a closing sale. Okay, the sale could never really make up for the loss of my favorite store, but it sure helped. I had been eyeing this skirt for some time, and the sale finally gave me the push I needed to justify it. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I took it out for its first spin while I was in New York, but I finally got to take some proper outfit photos in it over the weekend. It's the most perfect addition to my wardrobe, and I loved how it paired with this red dress worn as a top. Dresses worn as tops are always a good idea.

This weekend was nice and relaxing, filled with plenty of food and family. I went to an adorable donut shop with my friend Nicolette on Saturday before hanging out with Jon and our friend Adam and having dinner with Jon's family later. My family met up for Mexican food for dinner on Mother's Day, which is really just the best way to celebrate any holiday. Now, if only the weekend could last forever. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Striped Tank + Pleated Skirt

This is going to be a quick post today as I didn't give myself enough time to write this as usual. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy busy or anything. I've just gotten addicted to Chopped and haven't made time for anything else. It's all very healthy, I swear.

This is skirt has become my go-to Sunday skirt. I wear it fairly often, but for some reason, I tend to gravitate toward it on Sundays especially. Something about it feels perfect for going to get breakfast and then relaxing the rest of the day. It's a good brunch skirt, and we all know the value of good brunch skirts. This top is actually a dress that I had intended on wearing as is, but as I was heading out to my dad's restaurant, I realized that I needed to come to terms with how short it is. So in a hurry, rather than find a completely new outfit, I grabbed this skirt and put it over the dress. I'm really the best problem solver.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yellow Cardigan + Plaid Collared Dress

Hello again from the west coast! My impromptu business trip eventually came to an end, and I'm back to the real world. My trip was truly wonderful, though, and a nice change of pace. I was in Connecticut most of the week, where I worked out of our office there and bonded with my co-workers. I also got to go into New York City a couple of times, which was a real treat. I went in once on "business," which meant visiting the boutiques of the stores I do customer service for and feeling the clothes in person. I then went in on my own over the weekend, where I met up with my friend Callie. Callie came in from Washington DC, and we spent the weekend wandering around without a plan. It turned out to be perfect, as we had a blast walking the Highline, visiting an SNL exhibit full of costumes and props from the show, and eating delicious Italian food. Callie and I only get to see each other every few months or so, and it was wonderful getting to spend the weekend catching up. I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Jen of JennifHsieh, who was seriously the best. I've never had a bad experience meeting a blogging friend in person, and this was no exception. If I lived in New York, I would force her to hang out with me all the time. She's that cool.