Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Could this dress be any more lovely? This is what I wore on Saturday to get lunch with Ashley and Sammi because when you're hanging out with those two, a colorful dress and vintage shoes are a no-brainer. I met Jon at one of my favorite coffee shops right after for some iced coffee on a hot day, and we wandered around downtown Anaheim for a bit to take these photos. I got this dress with a Modcloth gift card that my brother and sister-in-law got me for my birthday, and I honestly didn't think I would love it so much. It ended up being a last-minute add-on to the dress I wore in my last post, but I fell completely in love with it once I tried it on. 

I'm currently trying to make it through the work week as quickly as possible because I'm all sorts of excited for my trip to Connecticut and New York this weekend. My work has another office in CT, and my boss is flying the Newport office out there just for a party to celebrate the company's anniversary. We're flying in and out of New York so we'll be spending part of Sunday in the city before we fly back. It's going to be an extremely quick trip, but I love my co-workers and I love that I get to travel somewhere new, even just for a couple of days. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Old Town

While I would love to show a better variety of photos of this dress, a new favorite of mine, sadly I only have these few to share. Jon and I took these photos before grabbing dinner in Old Town Tustin, and I desperately wanted to take them in front of this townhouse (or condo? Apartment? I have no idea). Of course, about three pictures in, the resident opened the door and asked what we were doing, and I awkwardly ran off while yelling, "sorry!" So maybe I don't have many photos of this outfit, but I still love this dress and these shoes. I think I need to add more long sleeved dresses and chunky heels to my closet.

This weekend was pretty great, mostly because I got to meet up with Ashley and Sammi while Sammi is in town visiting. I met them for lunch and drinks at Downtown Disney while they were in the park, and it was wonderful. They're both just lovely, but you knew that already. I've been thinking more stopping blogging, but the great people I've met through it make me reconsider.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pacific Northwest + Vacation Outfits

Hey there! Are you ready for too many pictures than you have interest in? I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, plus a few more outfits that I wore while on vacation. My friend Adam and I went up to Portland to stay with our friend Kyle, and our friends Kyle (a different one) and Andi came down from Olympia to visit as well. We stayed in Portland for a few days, then drove up to Seattle for a day, and then Olympia for a day before spending the rest of the trip in Portland. As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely fell in love with Portland. There were so many cool shops, a ton to do, and so much good food. We went to Powell's, read secrets at the Ace Hotel, drove to Multnomah Falls, went to the feminist center where the feminist bookstore is filmed in Portlandia, went to the Rose Gardens, drank a lot at a barcade, ate too much good food, and spent a ton of time walking around downtown and drinking coffee. 

I wish I could have spent more time in Seattle, as we only got to spend a day there. We didn't do too much other than spend forever in Pike Place and wander around the area and Capitol Hill, but I still loved it. I got to see my friends Becca and Katie, who I met through blogging and have been friends with online for a while now. It was so wonderful to finally get to meet them in person, and just as every online friend I've ever met in real life has been, they were just as wonderful in person as I figured they would be. I'm hoping to go back soon to see more of the city and see them again. Fingers crossed.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rose Gardens

It's hard to believe that it's already been a week since I was in Portland. My trip ended last Tuesday, and I've been dreaming of going back ever since. I have a post planned for Wednesday with more photos of my trip and a longer recap, but for now, let's just say that I fell completely head over heels for the city. I loved the culture and how every single business seemed straight out of my dreams, and I loved that all the "touristy souvenirs" that I bought felt like things I would look for on Etsy. I was up there visiting my friends (and up in Washington for a couple of days as well), and it was just the best vacation I could ask for. Sure, I can't say that there was much relaxation or even sleep, but it was worth it. 

I only snapped a few outfit shots along the way, but I did manage to get one full posts worth of photos while at the Rose Gardens. My friend Kyle ended up grabbing my camera half of the time we were there, and he was nice enough to help me take these. This dress is from Apricity, which you should familiarize yourself with immediately if you haven't already done so. I was heartbroken when I heard that Fleet Collections, one of my all-time favorite brands, was ending, so it was such a relief to see that co-founder Eileen Chai immediately had another line in the works. To kick off Apricity months ago, Chai offered Fleet Collection customers a $50 credit for creating an account with Apricity, and I jumped at the chance to get the Sunday dress for cheap. Unfortunately, my height means that often sleeveless dresses end up having straps that are way too long on me, and this dress sat in my closet for longer than I wanted it to. I finally decided that something had to be done, and I took it to get altered (i.e. get the straps to fit my vertically challenged needs) right before trip so I could flaunt it around Portland. My goodness is it perfection. It's just beautiful, and I got so many compliments on it. I even ended up getting to tell a woman who worked in a boutique selling Fleet Collection about Apricity when she commented on it. There's nothing I love more than getting to support independent brands (especially those out of Los Angeles) and getting to make someone's day with a recommendation.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wood Watches and Triangles

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that when you don't see me update for a week, it means that good things are happening. To start, my birthday was last week (the 17th), and last weekend was wonderful. I took the day off of work, got breakfast and coffee with my best friend, and spent the afternoon in Balboa Beach with Jon. That night, my friends and I went to an Italian restaurant/brewery near my apartment. It was a blast, and the rest of the weekend was filled with more delicious food and family. You know, the important part of birthdays. Then, this past weekend was one of my best friend's wedding. I went to high school with Jeremy, but didn't become close with him until I was in college, and in the past four years, he's become like family. It's so strange to reach that age where my friends getting married is completely normal, and it's even stranger to be at a wedding where I remember the groom calling me to tell me about a girl he met and then helping him set up the proposal. I've gotten to know his new wife, Sabrina, as well, and it was amazing to see them both so happy. It was a seriously lovely wedding, and Jeremy was the first one of my group of friends to get married, which means it was our group's first time at a wedding together. Plus, Jon was a groomsman, and my best friend Adam was the Best Man. It was a blast.

Jeremy and Sabrina invited all of their friends out for breakfast the morning after the wedding, and I wore this dress with a cardigan before I slipped this vest on when it got too hot. I found this Lush dress at a thrift store recently, and it's become my go-to comfortable piece to throw on. I was especially happy to have my new wood watch from JORD Watches to throw on with it this time. Jordwatch was kind enough to send it to me, and I love how unique it is. I've always loved watches, but never end up buying them for myself. I really love that this one is unlike any I would normally find in a store, and it's one that can pair well with casual outfits or dressier ones. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I am so excited about sharing this outfit. It's slightly different from what I would normally wear, yet it combines three of my favorite pieces currently in my closet. For starters, there's this gorgeous statement necklace that Happiness Boutique sent me. Happiness Boutique is a jewelry company based out of Germany, and I couldn't help but drool over the selection when they contacted me about reviewing a piece. I had about 20 tabs open of different statement necklaces I couldn't choose between, but I ultimately decided on this turquoise and pink one. I love that it's a unique, attention-grabbing piece, but it's still slightly more subtle than most statement necklaces. I can already tell that I'll be wearing this one on heavy rotation. The company has been so nice to work with, and I definitely recommend the site. Plus, they have a pretty sweet rewards program, which is always a selling point.

I picked up this dress over the weekend after considering trying a tank or T-shirt trapeze dress recently. I tried on a couple at Target, but didn't love any, and I hit the jackpot with this clearance $10 dress at TJ Maxx later. It's a completely different shape for me, and I feel a little naked without my standard fit and flare silhouette, but it's insanely comfortable and a good piece to dress up or down. I already know that it will come in handy as plan attire for when I fly to Portland in two weeks. 

That brings us to these shoes. Ah, these shoes. These were the other Hello Holiday item I purchased, and in all honesty, I went back and forth on them a lot before proceeding with checkout. The're so unlike anything else I usually gravitate forward, but they are just I couldn't resist trying them, and I've already worn them multiple times since I got them a week or two ago. As I'm sure you know from reading my blog, I stick to flats almost exclusively, but these shoes are making me think I need more chunky heels. Between the dress and these shoes, it's what I like to call me "new-ish" look: going with slightly different shapes, but the same general aesthetic. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Spaced Out

As usual, I had such a nice weekend, and it's almost unfair that it needs to end and another work week has to begin. I spent Friday night getting ice cream with my friends, and then I spent all of Saturday with Jon. We got breakfast at my new favorite breakfast place by apartment and explored the Old Town area nearby. I dragged him into helping me take outfit photos as well, because when you have a boyfriend, you might as well make him useful for something, right? He was a great sport helping me find the only shaded spot at 1 p.m. to this set, and he did a damn fine job if you ask me.

This skirt is one of things I got in a recent sale, and I'm in love with it. I've been wanting to buy something from Hello Holiday and try a Rock Steady piece for ages now, so it only make sense to buy a Rock Steady skirt from Hello Holiday. The store is a particularly worthy small business to support, and I even got to interview Meg, one of the owners, for my internship with FAB Counsel last summer. Meg and co-owner Sarah are just so damn cool, and I've always admired how much of themselves they put into their business. I could probably buy every single thing in their shop, but I ultimately went with this killer space/robot printed skirt and a rad pair of shoes that I'll show in my post on Wednesday. This outfit was perfect for an incredibly hot day that, of course, resulted in smoothies. I couldn't ask for a better Saturday than one filled with space themed skirts and smoothies.

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