Friday, April 29, 2016

Guest Post: Perfectly Priya

I have one more guest post for you today! I'm back from Connecticut, but I'm sick and jet lagged, so I figured I'd let a friend take care of my blog one more time before I get back in front of the camera. Today, I'm handing it over to Priya, one of my very first blogger friends. Priya and I clicked immediately and instantly bonded over a shared similar style, personalities, and sense of humor. She's one of those people who always makes me smile when I read her blog, and I am positive that whenever we finally meet in person, it will feel like we've known each other forever. I know you'll enjoy her as much I do. 
KQ2A1926 (1)
KQ2A1941 (1)
KQ2A1946 (1)
| earrings: Betsey Johnson | button-up: Old Navy | jacket + skirt: Gap | booties: Target | clutch: hand-me-down |

Hi there! Priya from perfectly Priya here. I am pumped to be guest-posting today for Elana, my first and forever blogging bud- who I still haven't hung out with IRL yet- not sure HOW that's possible! She appears to be on the coolest "business" trip of all time...must be nice ;) 

Though Elana & I both hail from the great, golden state of California, I am currently living in Nashville, which means: the weather is not perfect all the time, and Spring is truly a gem of a season! Spring in Nashville means sunshine without humidity, drinking on patios again, and the most gorgeous blooms wherever you look!

That was literally the entire inspiration behind these photos, these beautiful trees that were honest-to-goodness in full bloom just outside my office. Though the entire ensemb really aligned with the "Spring" theme nicely- booties, bare legs, a full skirt, and a jacket layer for the cooler morning.

Two recurring themes on my blog- this jean jacket and my love for hand-me downs. I've written about this jacket (that I've had for going on 11 years!) enough on my blog, so I'll stick to the latter today. This clutch was recently given to me by my work friend Emma, who received it herself as a gift, but figured she'd never use it. She first put it up in our ladies chatroom at the office, and I thought, that's kinda neat, but when no one claimed it, she stopped by my desk and force-gave it to me :)

I can't decide if it's too wild (definitely not something I would purchase myself!) but isn't that what they say about trends, try them in small doses on accessories first? Is calf hair a current trend? Is that even what this is called??

So many questions. Well, I hope Spring has sprung wherever you are, and thanks Elana for having me today! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Guest Post: Midwest Muse

Is weird to call someone you've never actually met in person your blogging "best friend?" If it is, then I don't want to be normal. Jessica of Midwest Muse is that person for me, and she's my favorite person I've gotten to know through blogging. Jessica is witty, stylish, pop culture savvy, and a total badass. I'm just now returning from trip, so Jessica is kindly taking over for me today. Enjoy her adorable spring outfits!

Hello, lovely readers of Elana's! Jessica from Midwest Muse here. Elana is one of those lucky girls who lives in a place with perpetual summer and I am so not one of those girls. I live in Ohio where Winter lasts for a million years, Fall a brief moment before becoming Winter, Spring kind of happens, but mostly turns back into Winter or right into Summer.

Which is a really long way of saying, I savor the sweet moments of Spring when I can. There's something so refreshing about crisp mornings, hot afternoons, and chilled evenings.

Here's a look at some of my favorite Spring outfits. The Ohio guide to dressing for Spring is light layers because you'll likely experience every season in one day.

one | two

three | four

five | six

Monday, April 25, 2016

Guest Post: The Drawing Mannequin

While I'm still living that east coast life on my business trip, I have another guest blogger here in my place. Ali of The Drawing Mannequin has one of my favorite blogs to read, hands down. In addition to being beautiful and statuesque, and having impeccable and creative style, Ali is of the funniest writers I know. I always get a kick out of reading her posts, and I feel like I'm living life beside her, which is what I secretly wish were happening. Enjoy her post, and give her blog a warm hug for me!

Hello, friends! My name is Ali. I'm from the long-lost land of The Drawing Mannequin and I'll be acting as a substitute for our dear Elana while she is away performing discreet secret agent tasks that will save the country of Poland from a mole infestation erm, I mean, er, uh business trip.

Hope I didn't blow your cover there, lady.

This morning I was walking my dog, a sporty German Wire-haired Pointer named Gunner who has too much energy for his own good, when I heard some vigorous pecking in the distance. I continued to stroll through the streets of my neighborhood when my dog's ears suddenly perked up; he darted his head up, around, and behind him in search of the source of the sound. In search of the source of the sound.

Search source sound. Ssssssssss. That is a lot of "s" action going on. Sssssss. I'm a snake.

As we trudged forward, the pecking began again; I glanced up to my left and saw a bright red woodpecker with a black head that looked like a sock was pulled over it: it was clearly on a villainous mission here. This malicious bird was drilling away at our neighbor's roof as if millions of chocolate Dove bars were beyond it.

Suddenly from within the house, a clatter erupted; a faint shadow dashed quickly by the shutterless windows. There was banging on one window, a woman working to rid her house of this most obnoxious pecking beast. She stopped to listen. The pecking persisted. She banged again, listened again. The pecking continued, and I imagined her clenching her fists in frustration. I heard her march up the stairs, and her concrete clomps were followed by some lighter footsteps; the whole family must have joined forces to rid their home of this infuriating woodpecker.

There was quiet again, which I had learned by now was the cue for the woodpecker to MAKE.



Which it did. But not in a pleasing way that resembled a Bach-esuqe orchestra, just an annoying way. And with that, the members of the household flipped their shit, beating the windows like they were in prison and shouting once they had figured out the corner which the woodpecker resided.


The woodpecker flapped away quietly on speckled black and white wings. The clanging within the house subsided like the quiet in the center of a hurricane.

The woodpecker immediately landed on the house next door and began to peck, peck, peck...

Top: JC Penny, eons ago
Skirt: similar
Poofball hair accessory: Amazon
Cuff: Lulus
Heels: Chelsea Crew (similar)
Rose earrings: Charming Charlie

Friday, April 22, 2016

Guest Post: Mox and Socks

Hello from the east coast! While I do important work things (or rather, take advantage of a business trip to goof off in New York), I'm having a few of my very favorite and most stylish blogger friends fill in for me. Today, I'm incredibly excited to introduce you to Devinne of Mox and Socks. I first discovered Devinne through her Instagram, and ever since, I've been a major fan of her perfect collection of dresses, adorable dog, and witty writing. Enjoy getting to know her, and be sure to check out her blog!

Sometimes, in the coldest, most bitter depths of winter, I think back on my ancestors and wonder why they had to settle in Chicago.  Why didn't they head a little further south, to a part of the country where the wind and ice don't conspire to make you too miserable and defeated to leave your apartment?  Sure, I could always move, but I have so many friends and family here that it would be heartbreaking, so I stick it out every December, January, February, March, and April.  

And then spring arrives.  I'll be walking Moxie, and all of a sudden, daffodils burst out of the grass, apple blossoms explode like fireworks, and everything around us turns a magical shade of green.  It's always a shock, but it's a very pleasant one.  The arrival of spring means so much: long hours in the park doing nothing, finding excuses to run errands just so I can be outdoors, and wearing my favorite clothes.  
At my core, I really prefer to dress simply, so when the weather's nice enough to allow bare shoulders and legs, I just put on a dress and some shoes and call it a day!  I thrifted this dress back in November, but no matter how I tried to layer it, it was way too thin to wear during the winter.  I suspect I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it in the coming months, though!  
Already I've worn it on two occasions--both on the same day, but still!  I first wore it out to meet and have dinner with my boyfriend's sisters, and then we drove straight to a surprise party right after.  I got a lot of compliments on it, but really, I have to give credit to Spring.  Thanks for letting me wear it!
Dress: thriftedShoes: old, Seychelles

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earth Day with Schoola

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Schoola. Once I discovered the website (while browsing through Reddit), I became an instant fan. As a lover of thrifting and education, Schoola - an online thrift store that donates 40% of its proceeds to schools and the Malala Foundation - is a dream come true in terms of shopping and being a good person. So of course, when I get the opportunity to work with Schoola (a website I've praised many times with no prompting) in celebration of Earth Day, I was ecstatic. 

I can't say that I'm the most, ahem, environmentally conscious person. However, when it comes to shopping, I make the effort. Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year. The easiest way to avoid that? Buying used and donating clothing, of course. That's what makes thrifting so wonderful. In addition to saving money and presenting creative challenges, thrifting is recycling. 

Since I am guilty of buying too many clothes, I'm proud to be donating many of pieces to Schoola. It's free and easy to do so; just request a donation bag on the website, and one is sent free of charge, with return postage paid for as well. All of the items on Schoola are donated, some of which are even new with tags, including stylish donations from Modcloth. Schoola was kind enough to send me two beautiful dresses donated from Modcloth, and I took it upon myself to style them both with items purchased from second-hand stores. Click through to see more.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Gingham Headband + Apricity January Dress

There's one problem with perfect weekends: they end. This past weekend was one much-needed, relaxing, and, you guessed it, perfect. Jon and I spent the weekend in San Diego, where we stayed at his aunt and uncle's condo near Little Italy. They live in the Midwest and only spend a few months of the year there, so they were kind enough to let us use it free of charge. Jon and I both have been stressed out with various "adulthood" problems, and our schedules are a little conflicting, so we don't get to spend much time together during the week. We had been trying to plan a little getaway for months, and it turned out to be exactly as wonderful as we were hoping. We went to a farmer's market, got sun burnt walking to the harbor, ate as much brunch as we could, and lounged for hours. And by lounged, I mean we accidentally got more hooked on a teen Chopped marathon than any person should, but still. Worth it.

While we were at the farmer's market, Jon indulged me by getting some $2 flowers to make my pictures cuter. I finally got to break out this Apricity dress, which so unbelievably comfortable. I've also been using every chance possible to wear this coffee pin from Hello Holiday. The woman working at the gelato shop could not get over how much she loved it, which I think means it's a winner. Plus, I've discovered that I like headbands. I borrowed one from my best friend last week just to see how it looked, and it turns out, I think I can pull them off. This is at least what I'm telling myself, but let me have this. I immediately ran to Target to get one for myself, and it was love at first sight when I spotted this gingham one. I guess I'm a headband person now. I barely recognize myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yellow Tank Top + Fleet Collection Plaid Skirt

I'm sorry to say that I have no interview with a cute Etsy store today. Nope, just me and my Sunday brunch outfit. This weekend was a good one as it included both Saturday and Sunday brunch. And I only got a little drunk from mimosas at one of them. My work friends and I went to one of our favorite restaurants for Mexican brunch and bottomless mimosas, and let me tell you, it is very difficult to keep track of how many mimosas have been in your glass when the restaurant truly means "bottomless." It was worth it. I kept better track the next day when a group of friends and I celebrated my best friend Adam's birthday. I'm a big believer that breakfast plans are the best because nothing bad ever happens before breakfast. Think about it because I'm right.

This was my Sunday outfit, which I also wore to visit my brother's family in the afternoon. I always forget that I have this lovely blue necklace from Share & Do Good, and it made for a fun detail against a yellow tank. These shoes have barely left my feet since I got them, by the way. It took a long time as I returned one pair of Modcloth shoes for store credit, bought these with the refund, and ended up exchanging them for a larger size, but I would wait another month or more for these beauties. I finally have my perfect oxfords, and they're never coming off.