Friday, January 30, 2015

Happiness Through Striped Dresses

If I've learned one thing recently, it's that a cute outfit is an easy cure for feeling down and dealing with change. While I'm freaking out about my childhood home being sold and moving to a new place while I struggle with starting my career and whatnot, at the very least I can put on a striped dress, a collar, and a cardigan, and I can feel like myself. I suppose that's the beauty of fashion, isn't it? I'm sure everyone is tired of me moping (and trust me, I appreciate the kind comments of encouragement I've gotten), but I can't lie, things have pretty rough for me lately. I think I may write an honest post soon to give you some more insight into what I've been feeling, more for myself than for anyone reading it. The point that I'm trying to make today, though, is that I'm more appreciative now more than ever to put on clothes that make me feel good. It's hard to be in a mad mood in a fun dress and fun colors, and this outfit in particular makes me happier than most. I'm a sucker for a good striped dress, and I just adore how this collared top looks layered under pieces.

Nothing helps more than having a group of fiercely loyal friends, though. As 22-24 year olds, we've all been struggling with adulthood and post-grad life in different ways, and we've all been there to distract each other, support each other, and to make each other laugh. This week has mostly been filled with us all doing our part to be there for each other, whether it be driving to LA on a moment's notice to offer comfort, going shopping for retail therapy, or watching funny TV shows and eating ice cream as a distraction. This outfit makes me really happy, but nothing compares to making an impromptu trip to the grocery store at 9 p.m. to get Ben & Jerry's with three guys. If it's sickening to hear me talk about how in love I am with the people in my life, well, deal with it. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good Night

Funny story about these photos: I had been trying to take outfit photos for the past four days, but it just didn't happen. Saturday and Sunday were extremely windy, and it ended up raining on Monday. It's no "Snowpocalypse," but it still wasn't prime outfit taking weather. Then, I planned on taking outfit photos after work yesterday. Somehow, I got distracted by the Internet and cleaning out my room, so by the time I decided to do it, it was getting dark. It's weird, because I almost never get distracted by the Internet when I should be doing something else (this is false). I hadn't really figured out what I wanted to wear for them, so I kind of threw on an outfit I was planning on wearing later this week. I snapped a few pictures, but when I looked at them, the outfit looked terrible. Panicking, I left my camera and tripod outside and ran in to change quickly. I grabbed whatever I had been wearing already -- this -- and ran back outside. In the few minutes I had been inside, it had gotten darker. Then I realized that I had left my camera remote upstairs. It was a whole thing.

So what I'm left with are a little too dark pictures, which I decided were just going to have to do the trick. I even included my look of sadness as I was taking them. I wasn't really planning on taking pictures in this last minute outfit, but it combines two of my absolute favorite pieces in my closet, so I'm glad I did. Who needs creativity, or even light, when you have a mustard thermal and a thrifted BB Dakota skirt?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Things: Brooches

Welcome to my newest series, Three Things! Rather than sharing large lists of Etsy items that I find, I'm going to be narrowing it down by categories to make for more organized compilations. I also plan on using this series for pop culture recommendations as well, so look out, world. There's more of that heading your way. Today, though, I want to share some handmade brooches that I love. I've lately started to like the idea of getting more brooches to add to my cardigans, and these are a few of my favorites. 

1. Wooden French Bulldog brooch by Ginger Pickle: It really doesn't get much more adorable than this. I especially love the styling of the brooch, and I can't stop imagining pairing this with all of my simple dresses.

2. Caffeind brooch by Lia Lane: I'm in love with all of Lia Lane's selection of feminist goodies (hello Daria and Leslie Knope), but I couldn't help but share this "caffeind" brooch. As a self-proclaimed caffeine fiend, I don't think it would hurt to wear a little reminder of my addiction. 

3. Liz Lemon "Bitches get stuff done" brooch by Oh Gosh, Cindy!: I'm a sucker for all things Liz Lemon, and I'm an even bigger sucker for this quote. I'm very positive that I need this in my life so as only to have my mantra in physical form.

Monday, January 19, 2015


What's this? Indoor photos? I don't love how they look, but the only time I had to take pictures last week was when it was super bright outside, so I had to improvise. I had had this dress that I borrowed from Jessica (AKA my blogging/life soul mate) sitting in my room for far too long, so I decided it was time to take it out for a spin before sending it on to the next Flock Together girl. Well, this was actually the second time that I put it on. The first time, I wore it to hang out at my brother and sister-in-law's house, and I actually took photos in it. Because I'm overly critical of myself, I decided that I hated how I styled it, and wore it one more time before mailing it out. This time, I went simpler, and I like it much better. When in doubt, this trusted jacket and blue wedges never fail.

Despite my weird struggle with it, I can't get over this dress. The fit is to die for, and the skeleton print is the best. Who knew that skeletons and collars would be such a match made in heaven?

Friday, January 16, 2015


If there's any outfit that's a good example of my uniform over the past couple of months, it's this. This jacket and top have become the true MVP's of my closet. The collared top has proven to work with just about anything, and the jacket has been my go-to piece for those California "winter" days. It's not too heavy, it looks good with most things, and the hood makes it perfect the rainy days we've been having lately. The most special part of this outfit, however, is the ring. As you probably know, I recently spent four years in Illinois for college and have had a hard time being so far away from my friends and family there ever since I moved back to California. For Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law (who were visiting from there) surprised me with this adorable Illinois ring, with heart over the town I lived in, to remind me of my time there. It's thoughtful and perfect, and I can't thank them enough for it.

But enough of the sentimental junk. This is what I wore to see Louis CK perform last Sunday, which was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be. I consider Louis CK to be the best current comedian and a true genius, but he doesn't tour very often. I was fortunate to see him headline at Oddball Comedy Fest in the fall, but when my friends and I saw that Los Angeles was on his list of three cities he was performing in this month, we jumped at the chance. He actually came straight from the Golden Globes to the show, which was kind of a fun thing to figure out when I got a text that said "Louis CK is definitely at the Globes" from a friend who was watching while I was already at the theater. He made one joke about it at the end of his set about how he lost at the awards and then immediately changed out of his tux into a T-shirt before he went onstage. Everything about him is perfect. It's normal to have to wait for a comedian to leave an awards show before the show you're at can start, right?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Interview Me

Fun fact: these are the only pants I've ever owned that I don't hate. They're dress pants from Target that I bought about two years ago for when I had to look professional for presentations in classes, and I secretly sometimes wish for an excuse to wear them. 

I wore this to an interview on Friday, and I wanted to share my process in choosing it. Most of the interviews I've had in the past few months have been over the phone, but the ones that I get that  do require going into an office always find me in a tricky situation. I'm going into a creative field and I'm often interviewing for a job that's fashion related in some way, which means that I not only need to look professional, but I also need to wear something that's trendy and shows off my personality. It's a weird situation to put together an outfit for. For this particular interview last week, I met with the editor of an entertainment/fashion related publication with a very young audience, so I felt it was important to wear something a little fun that was also appropriate. To add to my struggle in choosing something, I had the interview confirmed less than two days prior and remembered that I had left my only blazer in a friend's car and was with her in San Diego. After realizing that, I took a look at the nude flats I normally wear on interviews and saw that they were basically falling apart. Cue the panic attack. 

Fortunately, I had these pants and this top, which I thought was a great piece that demonstrated my personal style, but also looked appropriate. I headed to TJ Maxx, Target, and Khol's to look for a blazer and a pair of shoes. I surprisingly found it difficult to find a blazer, and seeing as I'm short on cash and do actually own a blazer (even if it's not currently with me), I decided to go without one. I wouldn't normally go without some sort of jacket or cardigan, but for this kind of company and interview, I knew I could get away with it. I did end up getting this pair of heels, which are a much-needed addition to my shoe collection as I enter the professional world. The only problem? I did not have nearly enough time to break them in, and I wound up suffering for it the day of the interview. I might have even put myself through pain as I put them on again later that day to take these photos, blisters and all. I regret everything. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry Not Sorry

I feel a little bad posting these photos of me with bare legs and only a light sweater to deflect from the fact that it was 80 degrees when I took these photos yesterday. Everywhere I turn on social media, my friends are posting photos and statuses of snow storms and negative temperatures as I complain about how short lived tights season was.

Okay, fine. I don't feel that bad. After four years in the Midwest and living through the hell that was winter last year, I'm pretty damn happy to spending this January in Southern California. I miss the seasons, and I'm glad that it's going to be a little colder next week, but I can't deny how great it is to not have to worry about my face falling off every time I walk out the door. Sorry, guys. But not really.

I got this dress from a J. Crew Factory sale a couple months ago, but I didn't love how it looked on me so it sat in my room forever. I decided that I was being crazy and that a polka dot print this good deserved to be shared with the world. I still prefer an A-line skirt, but it's nice to try something a tiny bit different every so often.

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