Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter weekend is always kind of strange for me. Since most people on campus are actually from Illinois, unlike me, a majority of the student body goes home and my school becomes a ghost town. On one hand, as someone who just generally doesn't like most college students (we can all agree that most people my age are obnoxious), it's nice to have a little peace and quiet. On the other hand, being thousands of miles away from Califonia, I don't even have the option of going home. Even though I'll be back there indefinitely in three weeks (holy crap), it's still difficult to not get just a little homesick. Fortunately, most of my friends were still in town on Friday night, so I wasn't completely alone and had people to hang out with.

On Saturday, Mary and I were left as two of the only people still here, so we decided to get out of town for the afternoon. We went to Quincy, a town about an hour away. Quincy is certainly not the most exciting place in the world, but it has Starbucks, Panera, and TJ Maxx  basic luxuries not found in the town I live in.We did a little bit of shopping (mistake), and explored downtown a little bit to take some outfit pictures. I'm in love with this set, which is why there are so many in this post. It finally looks like spring is here to stay, so I felt like polka dots, mint, and sandals were appropriate. I was also slightly obsessed with these trees, and I decided to include a few of Mary's photos of them as well. What am I ever going to do with Mary and her photography when I move? Actually, I don't want to talk about it. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

One Cool Katz

Will there ever be a time when the cat dress isn't appropriate? I just don't think I'll ever get enough of it. I don't even care that a ton of bloggers have it and that it's not even unique at this point; I love it. Of course, the Katz pun never gets old either. Spring is still hit or miss around here, so I ended up layering it on Wednesday. It was 30 degrees and snowing one day, rainy the next, extremely windy the day I took these photos (which explains my hair), above 50 degrees yesterday, and it's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. Spring in Illinois is so much fun. Each day is a new surprise. 

As for real life things, I'm still just winding down the semester. We're training all of the new people at work, and I'm slowly starting to turn over responsibilities to the new editor-in-chief. It's weird, in a good way. I've also been trying to spend as much time as possible with my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew here. My youngest niece, Hattie, is getting so close to crawling, and it's adorable.

 I know that I write a lot about starting the transition from college student to real adult, but would anyone be interested in some personal/lifestyle posts about it? I have to do a project for class about what I wish I had known as a freshman, and I'm thinking about turning it into a blog post. I really just look for any excuse to ramble about my life

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's Old is New

I've been trying my best not to shop at the moment. I haven't bought anything since spring break, and I even passed on Modcloth's stylish surprises, which I never do. In an effort to actually have some self control this time, I've been digging into my closet, pulling out items I haven't worn in a while, and trying to put things together in new ways. I actually wear this dress much more than it appears on the blog (I actually think I've only taken pictures in it once), yet somehow this is the first time I've worn it as a skirt. It has such an interesting pattern though, so I think it really livens up an outfit. To be honest, the only reason why I haven't worn this button down in forever is because it's been wrinkled, and I've been too lazy to iron it. I'd like to not admit how often that happens with clothes I own. And to top off an outfit full of rarely seen items, I decided it was time to bring this Hello Cheeseburger necklace out again. It's gorgeous, but it's sometimes a little too much for class. I decided to hell with it yesterday and figured that even days filled with nothing but class and work are deserving statement necklaces.

I'm really excited about today's non-outfit news, but I don't think I can go into too much detail yet. I've been lamenting about my struggles with the job market, but remember how I said that hopefully one week I would just hear back from a ton of places? Somehow that joke turned into a reality, and as of Monday, I lined up four interviews. They're all with unpaid internships, which isn't exactly ideal, but I do need to get internship credit for college. Plus, with the job market so terrible, I don't think it's a bad idea to start off with an internship (or two) and hope that I prove to be so much of an asset that I get hired on at the end of summer. I had one interview that went extremely well yesterday, and I'm particularly excited about at least one more of them. They're all fashion/media related, so I can't wait to share whichever one I end up with. Look, Ma. I'm finally maybe going places.

Monday, April 14, 2014


I wasn't lying when I said that I wanted to start pattern mixing more. I've always had a fairly simple/classic style, but something about spring makes me want to experiment a little bit more. When the sun's shining and everyone starts to come out of hibernation (everyone should witness a college town in the Midwest on the first days of spring), it's only natural to feel the need to have a little bit more fun with clothing. I don't see myself ever getting too crazy, but I can handle some fruit and florals together. This Modcloth dress is one of my favorite items that I own, and I'm surprised that it's taken me this long to wear it as a top. I actually always forget that I own both this skirt and this sweater, but they're two fantastic thrifted finds. If this isn't the time for floral skirts, light sweaters, and fruit printed items, then I don't know when is.

I didn't do too much this weekend, which I could not be happier about. I started get sick at the end of last week, and while I'll admit that I'm a giant baby about it, it did give me a good excuse to stay in and catch up on sleep. I had a hot date with NyQuil on Friday, and I begged my friends to give us some alone time. I ended up having a mini impromptu poker night with them on Saturday, but when it came time for everyone to head to the bar, I wasn't feeling up for it. Fortunately, Jenn was in town again, and we had a wild night of McDonald's and "girl talk." I've always considered myself a homebody, but I've gotten coerced into going out pretty regularly this past year. It's been nice to be social for once (within my group of friends, that is. I'm still terrible at meeting new people), but I never underestimate the value of a night in. I don't know about you guys, but someone told me that being lame is the new cool. Okay, it was me. I told myself that. I stand by it. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


Wednesday was a good outfit day  and a good day in general. Sure, spring hasn't been too reliable so far, but the moment I looked outside on Wednesday, I knew I could bare leg it (it's a verb now). I've been feeling the need to bust out the blazer/polka dot skirt combo ever since Nicole from Writes Like a Girl's flawless post, and while I don't look nearly as awesome as she does, it's still a no-fail combination. I decided to actually do some print mixing for once and paired it with stripes. I think I need to start print mixing more often because I always like the results. Classic and slightly playful? I think yes.

If there's one thing that's the most frustrating about moving in a month, it's that my friends and family here in Illinois have gotten particularly good at playing the "You know, you aren't going to get to spend time with us anymore soon" card a little too often. It partially bothers me because it works every time, but it's mostly because I started using that on all of them first, and they've gotten much better at it than me. I'm already getting so emotional about leaving, that it's pretty much possibly to guilt me into doing anything these days. That's how I ended up out to dinner and at a bar for an open mic on a Wednesday night instead of doing homework and having my regularly scheduled Netflix date. I'm not going to get any sleep at all for the next month, am I?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Checking Out

Things have been pretty hectic lately. Between dealing with controversial stories at the newspaper, giant tests and projects due, and trying to figure out my life in general, it's just been one of those weeks. The thing is though, I'm ready to check out. Senioritis is fully present, and I'm just ready to be done. There's still a big control freak in me that isn't OK with giving up the paper just yet, but for the most, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm looking forward to handing over the reigns to someone else. I absolutely love my job (to an almost unhealthy extent), but after four years of working at the paper, with a year and half of those as editor-in-chief, I could use a break. It's going to be nice to hand over the chaos (though wonderful) to someone else for the last week or so. 

So, while we're pretending like I don't just use this blog as an excuse to vent about trivial things/my exhaustion as a college student, let's talk clothes. You might remember that I borrowed this dress from Sammi via Flock Together not too long ago, but as if the dress gods themselves bestowed a gift upon me, I get to call this beauty my own now. A few months ago, Sammi borrowed a dress from me that she fell in love with. It was one that I rarely touched and looked far better on her than me, so half-jokingly said that I'd swap her that dress for this one since I hadn't stopped thinking about it. To my pleasant surprise, she was for it, and I can now live in this dress. I've probably worn it once a week or so since I've gotten it just because it's so easy to throw on and fits like a dream. Plus, that print is too adorable for words. Somehow I haven't gotten pictures in it again since the first time, so I think it was due. 

Also in these pictures: wind.