Monday, October 24, 2016

Schoola Purple Dress + Tan Jacket

I should really just stop checking my email. Every day, there's a promotion from a store I love that's better than the last, and every day, I can't help but browse. I very weak, and I don't have the self control to pass up a good sale. As do more email marketing at work, you'd think I'd be able to ignore them as I learn more of the tricks and gimmicks. But no, I am still weak. When Schoola sent an email with a 50% code, and this purple Luck Be a Lady Dress donated by Modcloth showed up in my size, my hand clicked the "buy" button before I had a chance to stop it. Jon and I decided to explore our new city a little bit over the weekend, and this dress was perfect against this mural we stumbled upon. Then again, anything would look awesome in front of this. I still can't believe we found this spot.

Yesterday was filled with vintage goodness, as I met up with Erica at Whurl's Gurl's Night. I always have a blast with Erica, and it was made especially fun by getting to browse through the most beautiful collection of vintage clothes, eat cotton candy, and be surrounded by girls who were way, way cooler than me. It was basically the ideal way to spend a Sunday. Or any day for that matter.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Etsy Favorites #55

Feminist items are always appropriate, but this Not For You necklace from Eythink especially is at the moment

Friday, October 21, 2016

Remix Friday: Thrifted Floral Skirt

I remember the exact moment I saw this skirt. I was at a thrift store with my friend Nataly, and she picked it up first. My eyes immediately went to it as I watched her hold it up, take a look, and put it back. With a gasp, I darted to it to take a look for myself. It was floral and pleated, and I was sold. Then I looked at the tag: BB Dakota. Then the size: size 8. A style I loved, a brand I adored, my size, in perfect condition, and $4. Ever since that fateful day, this skirt has served me well. It has been on heavy rotation in my closet, and it's made more than a few appearances on my blog and my Instagram. It's too pretty to be left sitting untouched.

I just want to take a quick moment to say hello to my new followers from the Buzzfeed feature! In all honest, I've never been the biggest fan of Buzzfeed, but the exposure this list has gotten me is a bit surreal. Their audience is crazy, and I'm grateful to be noticed for something that I'm proud of: being a thrifty blogger. I first saw the article on Lauren of Someone Like You's Facebook, and I decided to take a know, just in case. I was pretty surprised to see my face there, and it's been so cool to see my followers grow overnight.

Okay, okay. You're not half bad sometimes, Buzzfeed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Floral Dress + Mustard Button Down

This is one of those outfits that I can't help but feel didn't photograph well. I absolutely loved wearing it and got compliments all day, but looking at the photos now, it's not my favorite. I suppose that's one of the dangers of looking at photos of your outfits every day. It becomes impossible not to be critical and overthink each one. Is this really the content I want to put out into the world? Am I okay with calling putting this out there for likes and comments when I so obviously would have gotten more if I had just worn a belt? It's all ridiculous, of course, since no one is as critical of myself as I am, but it's impossible not to think that way every so often. I obviously don't think this with everything I share. For every one outfit or blog post or Instagram photo that I get self conscious about, there are five that give me a huge ego. Trust me, I am usually too much of a fan of my content.

Looking back at it again, I do like this outfit more and more. A floral dress with a mustard button down underneath? That's my jam. I've been a little impulsive with my clothes buying lately, but I just decided to let go of my second source of income in order to save my sanity. I need to start buckling down again, and that's forced me to take a look at my closet and sell what I don't need/remix the items I do wear. This happens probably every other month so it's nothing new. If you're interested at all, I do have some things listed on my Poshmark, so take a look!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Cropped Sweater + Lady Tie

With all of the times I've moved in the past year and a half (if you've lost count, it's four), it was inevitable that I would lose some things. I've given up all hope up finding my dark green cardigan that I once wore to death (did I sell it? Is it still in a box somewhere?). I'm still holding out for my tan sunglasses -- I swear they're just hiding underneath something that I've yet to look under. With all of the times I've boxed up items, donated things, given them away, or moved them from temporary home to temporary home, I knew that this would be a byproduct. What I've forgotten about, however, is that it also means that I'll find items that I had once forgotten.

Hence, the lady tie.

Back when the adorable Etsy store Flapper Girl was in existence, it was pretty common to see these colorful lady ties on every blogger. I got mine in 2013, and while I was still figuring out my style and didn't wear it too often, I treasured it in all of its preciousness. Somewhere in between then and now, it ended up in a box stored in my parents' basement. I finally took a couple of boxes out of storage there recently in hopes of finding some art prints for my walls, and I pulled this beauty out in the process. It had been so long since I had seen it that I actually had to look up my old post to see if I was gifted it for a product review by Flapper Girl or if I had bought it (I was gifted it). Finding it again (and my old blog post) was not only a nice bit of nostalgia, but it was pretty fitting as I feel like my style has been heading in more a direction to wear this tie regularly. More than ever, I've felt confident in my ability to nail down a mix of modern, affordable styles with vintage inspired pieces, and I think a lady tie incorporates into that quite nicely. At the very least, it's a nice reminder that losing items while moving isn't always a terrible thing.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Remix Friday: J. Crew Peter Pan Collared Top

For such a versatile piece, you'd that I would have styled this J. Crew collared top differently over the years. But, no. All I've ever needed is a high-waisted skirt and maybe a cardigan to make this one of my most worn pieces. For this week's Remix Friday, I thought that it only made sense to show you a top that you're probably sick of seeing. Ever since I got this gem in a J. Crew Factory sale, it has been on constant rotation. I'm honestly surprised that I was only able to find six ways that I've styled it for the blog, although the fact that it pops up on my Instagram so much (like here and here) would explain that. I have a feeling by this time next year, I'll have six more to share. Did I just challenge myself? I believe I did. Challenge accepted.

Which look is your favorite?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pink Gingham Skirt + Eyelet Top

Okay, so I'm still figuring out this whole bangs thing. At the very least, maybe I shouldn't take photos at the very end of the day when they get all greasy and unruly. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself and nitpicking at things that don't matter. Yeah, it's probably that one.

As the possibility of falls looms over me in Orange County, I'm just embracing the seemingly endless summer we get and am breaking out all of my summer staples. This pink gingham skirt is perfect in every way, and it's a shame to think that I avoided the color for so long. I'm itching for cardigans and tights, but I'm also not ready to put this one away. It's really just too beautiful.